Ring in the 2023 Chinese New Year with Playing Slot Machine Game

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There are a variety of slot machines with Asian themes available, but this one is unique. The cartoonish aesthetics of Chinese New Year are equally as spectacular as the historical importance of the animals allotted to each year by the Chinese. FC has produced a slot machine with a Chinese New Year theme. It offers 15 pay lines spread over five reels, an RTP of 96.65%, and medium volatility. This Asian-themed slot machine has a gamble round, free spins with an extra scatter, and a fireworks bonus round. You’ve certainly seen Chinese New Year’s Eve games based on Chinese zodiac animals before, but FC’s Chinese New Year takes the concept to a whole new level. While having only 15 pay lines and five reels, this slot is anything but average, owing to its several bonus features.

How To Play

The Chinese New Year and the Chinese zodiac have long been popular subjects for Asian-themed slot games; the enormously profitable Year of the Rat slot game is a prime example of this tendency. This should be no surprise, given that the Chinese New Year is one of the world’s most significant yearly celebrations, filled with food, fireworks, and revelry. It’s good when a slot machine is visually appealing, but it’s much nicer when you know you have a chance of winning. As a result, you should be glad to see that its RTP of 96.65% puts it towards the top of the average return distribution. We can’t promise anything because slot machines are games of chance, but it’s a start. The fact that this is a medium volatility slot also works to your advantage. As a result, the game is stable and balanced, with risk and reward divided evenly, which is excellent news for everyone, save the most extreme gamers.

While placing a wager, there are several aspects to consider. You may change your bet for each spin by adjusting various variables. Then you’ll have to decide on a coin size, or “soin value,” as the movie refers to it. A coin’s worth can range from £0.01 to £0.25. However, your overall wager will be higher. Yet, you may test the waters risk-free before committing to any of the several online casinos available. The second thing you must consider is the number of active pay lines you want. You may pick how many of the game’s 15 pay lines to bet on with each spin. Generally, the number of active pay lines increases your chances of hitting a winning combination. This gives you several alternatives for getting your cash settlement.

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Spin Bonus

The free spins are the most appealing aspect of the Chinese New Year jackpot. You will activate them if you land three monkey symbols on reels 1, 2, and 3. You have a decent possibility of earning many free spins and scatter symbols because you activated this bonus. Check out our review if you’re seeking more methods to win free Chinese New Year lottery spins. You may also play a bonus game that offers a tempting prize. When you win a combination of dragon symbols, you’ll be sent to a bonus game with a wheel of fortune, which may give you up to 150 times your initial stake. It’s a hidden feature that allows you to double or quadruple your profits after each spin. If you utilize this function, you will be handed a hand of cards and asked to guess the color or suit of the following card.

Free to Play

The “free play” mindset of the Chinese New If you’re still on the fence about wagering real money, a year’s break is the ideal time to decide. The free-play option is an excellent method to familiarize yourself with the game before putting any real money into it. The only difference is that you utilize virtual cash instead of real money in accessible play mode. You can experiment with the game’s dynamics using the virtual money at your disposal. In this manner, you may experiment with different salary rate changes to see how frequently you can anticipate getting paid. You may enjoy the game without feeling obligated to place a real-money wager. Winning combos with fewer symbols get a smaller payoff than those with four or five symbols. Characters with a brown line pay less than those with a red lining. Shoot at the red-lined icons to earn additional money.


One of FC’s many good aspects is its Chinese New Year slot. It’s a unique spin on a well-known subject. If anything you’ve read has aroused your attention, don’t waste any more time and select ColorPlay who offer this fantastic slot machine bonus and claim your prize. FC’s creators went to great lengths to create this game. The animations are smooth, the symbols are beautifully planned and performed, and the bright colors add a festive feel. This is most certainly the case with Chinese New Year, a slot machine with an Asian theme and many bonuses. Its aesthetics are produced to a high degree and compete with those of leading slot machine makers. The blending of the visual and audio components is also pretty good. In this aspect, most slots need to be revised.

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